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Local 689 - American Federation of Musicians

Eugene, Oregon

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Randal Larson

Steel Drum and Percussion

Island Accents is the best way to experience Caribbean, light jazz, and pop music for parties and events where an "island atmosphere" is needed, but won't get in the way of your guests talking and enjoying the ambience.

Island Accents has been developed using state of the art MIDI technology to provide great backgrounds (bass, drums/percussion, guitar, keyboards, etc.) for the live steel drum sounds that make the music come alive.

This smaller, less expensive, size works great for many private parties, wedding receptions, business events, fundraisers, cruises, and other situations where a larger band is not needed.

Phone: 541-343-3122 or 503-353-3045

email: IslandAccents@Randallarson.com

Website: RandalLarson.com.

Song Samples: Island Accents Promo Music compilation (The Hammer, Dayo, Margaritaville, Market Jam, Girl From Ipanema)